Rebling - Feed Through Junction Blocks, Lithium Battery Terminals

Rebling - Feed Through Junction Blocks, Lithium Battery Terminals

Wherever there is a battery module larger than a loaf of bread, electrical cables as thick as any of your fingers or DC current between 100 and 1,000 amps, you will find Rebling’s terminals and connectors. The optimal terminal is the one that matches the electrical and thermal performance of the cable or bus bar to which it is attached. A terminal that exhibits a 30°C temperature rise at 1,000 amps is unnecessarily expensive if it is connected to a cable that exhibits a 30°C temperature rise at 300 amps. Although this is not a big problem when creating 5 prototypes, it can affect your company’s profitability when your product becomes successful and production ramps up to 10,000 units. To assure that your design is optimized from the start, Rebling offers three PDFs and a video you can view and download. Visit for access.

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Commercial Products Overview:  includes thumbnail photos of all Rebling products, typical end-products in which they can be found, summary dimensional, electrical, and mechanical specs, P/Ns, and ordering information.  This PDF includes the design and selection guides shown below.

Cable & Connector Design Guide: table comparing the cross-sectional area and thermal performance of various cable sizes to Rebling products and a step-by-step design guide for optimizing cable and connector selections.

Terminal Selection Guide: identifies the member of our feed-through terminal family best suited for your application’s rated current, panel material, panel thickness, desired mounting pattern, environmental sealing, and cover requirements.

Lithium Battery Module Video:  shows how our feed through terminals are used as external connections in a low voltage battery module or internal connections in a high voltage battery pack.


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