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Amphenol NEXUS Technologies now offers MIL-S-8805/3 type watertight switches that meet IP68 water submersion requirements. This new Hydro-Switch has the same mechanical and electrical properties of our NX300 series switches with the added bonus of being watertight. It can be used as a direct drop-in replacement for designs utilizing current Amphenol NEXUS Technologies’ switches.
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Nexus Incorporated was founded in 1961 by Randolph K. Byers and William H. Flanagan to perfect the design and manufacture of superior quality audio plugs, jacks and MIL-S-8805/3 push-button switches. Since 1961, Nexus connectors have become the standard in military and commercial communication headset markets.

Today, Nexus connectors are typically specified in OEM headset applications where "breakaway-style" audio connectors are required. Nexus switches have a very strong, 'tactile-feedback' feature that makes them ideal for applications that require a positive means of knowing that the switch has actuated. In addition, Nexus switches are designed for applications that require a durable, reliable and cost effective switching means. Other applications of Nexus audio connectors and pushbutton switches are in Auto Racing, Powerboat Racing, Telecommunications, Simulation Controls, Medical Products, Farm Equipment, and Commercial Aviation Electronics.

Plugs & Jacks

An excellent selection of high quality connectors, jacks and plugs for demanding military and commercial communications applications. Includes breakaway-style audio connectors for a variety of OEM applications.

Push Button Switches

Nexus' quality switches are built to your specifications, choose from a variety of adapter color, contact arrangements, styles and colors. Built to meet or exceed all military specifications.



Amphenol-Nexus Ruggedized Connectors & Switches


Hydro Switches

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