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Lithium Battery Terminals now available with Imperial Threads

The popular Rebling Lithium Battery Terminals are now available with Imperial threads. Look to the battery Terminal section below for the new "Imperial Thread" catalog sections for SFT, MFT and XFT products. Flame will be stocking these products going forward.

Custom Imprinted Receptacle Covers

The Rebling white receptacle covers, part# 700220, can be custom screen printed with your company name and message. See details below in the catalog download section our product table under Accessories. You can also contact Dave Boush directly at dave@flamecorp.com

Product Line Overview

For over five decades, Rebling has been known for its high current connectors and its custom plastic molding capability. The technology which made Rebling a specialist in the 100 to 1,000 amp connector field arose from its dominance in the avionics industry where its reputation for reliability continues to be summarized as “35 billion air miles per year without a failure”. Rebling began as a molder of custom thermoplastic and thermoset parts for OEMs in the instrumentation, medical, battery, avionics, automotive, defense and industrial markets and it continues that tradition today. The product design, mold design and manufacturing capabilities that enable Rebling to continually be a valued supplier of molded parts also enable Rebling to be an innovative leader in connector design.

Cable Mounted Plugs and Bulkhead Mounted Receptacles

Rebling is the only manufacturer in the world certified to produce battery connectors for flying vehicles (military, commercial, passenger, cargo, fixed wing, rotary wing, RPAs/Drones). Rebling’s technology, quality and reliability can be summed up in one statement: “35 billion air miles per year without a failure.”

Rebling bulkhead mounted receptacles address key power needs in various industries. As work truck, electrified vehicle, auxiliary power and stationary power applications trend toward higher voltages and currents and faster charging times, improved features are needed to enable the OEMs in those markets to maintain their competitive edge and reduce their end users' total cost of ownership.

Feed Through Junction Blocks, Lithium Battery Terminals

Wherever there is a battery module larger than a loaf of bread, electrical cables as thick as any of your fingers or DC current between 100 and 1,000 amps, you will find Rebling’s terminals and connectors. The optimal terminal is the one that matches the electrical and thermal performance of the cable or bus bar to which it is attached. A terminal that exhibits a 30°C temperature rise at 1,000 amps is unnecessarily expensive if it is connected to a cable that exhibits a 30°C temperature rise at 300 amps. Although this is not a big problem when creating 5 prototypes, it can affect your company’s profitability when your product becomes successful and production ramps up to 10,000 units. See below.

  • Commercial Products Overview: includes thumbnail photos of all Rebling products, typical end-products in which they can be found, summary dimensional, electrical, and mechanical specs, P/Ns, and ordering information. This PDF includes the design and selection guides shown below.
  • Cable & Connector Design Guide: table comparing the cross-sectional area and thermal performance of various cable sizes to Rebling products and a step-by-step design guide for optimizing cable and connector selections.
  • Terminal Selection Guide: identifies the member of our feed-through terminal family best suited for your application’s rated current, panel material, panel thickness, desired mounting pattern, environmental sealing, and cover requirements.
  • Lithium Battery Module Video: shows how our feed through terminals are used as external connections in a low voltage battery module or internal connections in a high voltage battery pack.

Lithium Battery Terminals Product Overview

Product Details on Easy Battery Charging Disconnect

Catalogs & Product Notices


Rebling Battery Terminal Catalog


Product Notice Style II


Product Notice 8002/8003


Commercial Products Overview


Flame Exclusive 8002/8003


Terminal Selection Guide


Cable & Connector Design Guide


Custom Printed Dust Covers

Click on any link below to open a PDF information sheet, PDF drawing or product image. These documents are for reference only. To request the latest document revision or to request other documentation, please contact Sales

Series Description / Mil-Specification Additional Info
Battery Swap Panel Mounted Connector
654A1679 Battery Swap Pin Connector Kit*  
654A1680 Battery Swap Socket Connector Kit*  
100A1112 Gasket for Pin or Socket Connector  
*Pin and Socket connector kits must be ordered in matching quantities (pairs)
Cable Mounted Plugs
7007-X Avionic/Mil Cable Mounted Plug Four-Wire Design, Mates with all MS3509 (7002 series) receptacles
7013 Avionic/Mil Cable Mounted Plug Two-Wire Design, Self-aligning sockets, Mates with all Rebling 7002 series receptacles  
7016-X Avionic/Mil High Current Cable Mounted Plug Two-Wire Design, Short Body Length, For Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Mates with all MS3509 (7002 series) receptacles  
7017-X Avionic/Mil Cable Mounted Plug Two-Wire Design, For Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Mates with all MS3509 (7002 series) receptacles
7020-X Comm Cable-Mount Plug Keyable Plug Two-Wire Design, For Lead-Acid, Mates with all Receptacle Adapters per Figure 2 of MIL-B-83769, and Rebling Part No. 8002
7020-E Comm EMI Cable Mounted Plug Commercial EMI Cable Mounted Plug / Works with 7009-51 Bulkhead Mounted Receptacle  
Bulkhead Mounted Receptacles
7002-X Avionic/Mil Receptacles, Style 1 Steel Shaft & Fasteners, Color-coded for Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Mates with all MS25182-2 and MS3349-2 (7000 series Quick Disconnects)
7009 Avionic/Mil Receptacles-Non-Keyable Avionic/Mil Non-Keyable Receptacles  
7009-51 Comm EMI Bulkhead Mounted Receptacle Commercial EMI Bulkhead Mounted Receptacle / Mate with 7020-E Cable Mounted Plug  
7010-3 Commercial Receptacles-Keyable Commerical Bulkhead-Mounted Keyable Receptacles  
Battery Terminals / Feed Through Terminals
Battery Terminal Selector Guide
TFT Style - 100 Amp 100 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
TFT Style - 100 Amp 100 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal [Fixed Orientation]  
LFT Style - 250 Amp 250 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
SFT Style - 250 Amp 250 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
SFT Style - 250 Amp 250 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal [Fixed Orientation]  
SFT Style - 250 Amp 250 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal [Imperial Thread]  
MFT Style - 500 Amp 500 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal [Imperial Threads]  
BFT Style - 750 Amp 750 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
XFT Style - 750 Amp 750 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
BFT Style - 1000 Amp 1000 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
XFT Style - 1000 Amp 1000 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal  
XFT Style - 1000 Amp 1000 Amp Lithium Battery Terminal [Imperial Threads]  
700220 & 700222-1 Dust Covers Dust Covers for Bulkhead Mounted Receptacles  
7002 Terminal Adapters Avionics/Mil Receptacles with Various Rear Adapters  
7002-37 Safety Receptacle Safety Receptacle (No contact pins), Mates with all 7000 series Quick Disconnects including MS25182-2 and MS3349-2  
Battery Vent Caps Removable battery vent caps seal the electrolyte within the cell and allow venting of the internal pressure of the cell at prescribed pressure ranges.  
Environmental & EMI Receptacle Gaskets Bulkhead Gaskets  
Gauge 29 Gauge29 is a fixture used for checking the wear on the contact sockets of the 7000 series high power connectors.  
Protective Caps Protective Caps and Grommets for 7007 Connector  

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