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TE Connectivity DRI Relays Division continues its requalification efforts on its portfolio of M83536 relays and M12883 relay sockets. For the latest updates on the progress of this effort you can reach out to Dave Boush at Flame Enterprises,

TE Connectivity acquired DRI Relays in 2020. The TE Connectivity (TE)'s DRI manufacturing facilities located in Long Island, New York and Bangalore, India, are well positioned to effectively support activities in the aerospace, military, rail, and space markets. With a dedicated and innovative engineering, design, and operations staff, based on the DEUTSCH relays knowledge & experiences, DRI has the capabilities to respond to the most severe of custom applications. 

Non Latching Relays

TE's DRI Relays brand offers a wide range of high performance, hermetically sealed non-latching relays for harsh environments. A non-latching electromechanical relay is an electrical switching device. Its function corresponds to a mechanical switch, which is electrically actuated. The main advantages are the electrical isolation of the driving system and the load side, this insulation resistance of the open contacts, as well as the low resistance of the closed contacts.
Qualified to M83536 , M6106

Latching Relays

TE's DRI Relays brand offers a range of high performance, hermetically sealed latching relays for harsh environments. A latching electromechanical relay is an electrical switching device. Its function corresponds to a mechanical switch, which is electrically actuated. Latching relays are types that remain in the last switched position to which they were driven, without requiring continuous power to achieve it.
Qualified to M83536

Time Delay Relays

Qualified to MIL-PRF-83726 as well as custom timing requirements, TE's DRI Relays time delay relays are operating in the most severe and harsh environments. We offer time delay on operate and time delay on release with fixed or adjustable timing for 2 pole, 4 pole 10 amp and 3 pole 25 amp relays.
Qualified to M83536 , M6106, M83726

Relay Sockets

TE's DRI Relays brand offers relay sockets designed and manufactured to MIL-DTL-12883 to complement our high performance relays where a socketed installation is required. We also offer snap lock sockets, which have been proven to drastically reduce installation time and hardware without compromising reliability and quality. Snap lock sockets are also available with an adaptor kit to install with MIL-PRF-83536 relays.
Qualified to M12883



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DRI Latching Relays


DRI Non Latching Relays


DRI Time Delay Relays


DRI Qualified Products List


DRI Relay Sockets

Click on any link below to open a PDF information sheet, PDF drawing or product image. These documents are for reference only. To request the latest document revision or to request other documentation, please contact Sales

Amp Series Description
Non Latching Relays
5A E205, ES205 2PDT
5A E205, ES205 Track Mount 2PDT (Track Mount)
5A E205, ES205_MIL 2PDT (M83636/1, /2)
5A E405, ES405 4PDT
5A E405, ES405 Track Mount 4PDT (Track Mount)
5A E405. ES405_MIL 4PDT (M83536/5, /6)
10A E110, ES110 1PDT
10A E110, ES110_MIL 1PDT (M83536/34, /35)
10A E210, EA210, ES210 2PDT
10A E210, EA210, ES210 Track Mount E210, EA210, ES210 Track Mount 2PDT (Track Mount)
10A E210, EA210, ES210_MIL 2PDT (M83536/9, /10. /11)
10A E310, ES310 3PDT
10A E310, ES310_MIL 3PDT (M83536/21, /22)
10A E410, EA410, ES410 4PDT
10A E410, EA410, ES410 Track Mount 4PDT (Track Mount)
10A E410, EA410, ES410_MIL 4PDT (M83536/15, /16, /17, MS27709)
10A E610, ES610 6PDT
10A E610, ES610_MIL 6PDT (M83536/25, /26)
15A E215, EA215, ES215 2PDT
15A E215, EA215, ES215 Track Mount 2PDT (Track Mount)
15A E415. EA415, ES415 4PDT
15A E415. EA415, ES415 Track Mount 4PDT (Track Mount)
15A E615 6PDT
25A E125, EA125, ES125 1PDT
25A E125, ES125_MIL 1PDT (M6106/19, M83536/36, /37)
25A E325, EA325, ES325 3PDT (Also has Track Mount details)
25A E325, ES325_MIL 3PDT (M83536/32, /33)
50A D50, DR50, DS50 1PDT
50A D50, DR50, DS50_MIL 1PDT (Meets M6106/15)
Latching Relays
5A EL205 2PDT
10A EDL1, EDLS1 1 Pole, Double Break
10A EDL2, EDLR2, EDLS2Z 2 Pole, Double Break
10A EL210, ELR210, ELS210 2PDT
10A EL210, ELS210 Track Mount 2PDT (Track Mount)
10A EL210, ELS210_MIL 2PDT (M83536/12, /13)
10A EL410, ELR410, ELS410 4PDT
10A EL410, ELS410 Track Mount 4PDT (Track Mount)
10A EL410, ELS410_MIL 4PDT (M83536/18, /19)
15A EL215, ELR215, ELS215L 2PDT
15A EL215, ELS215 Track Mount 2PDT (Track Mount)
15A EL415, ELR415, ELS415 4PDT
15A EL415, ELS415 Track Mount 4PDT (Track Mount)
25A EL325, ELR325, ELS325 3PDT
25A EL325, ELS325_MIL 3PDT (MS27742)
50A-75A PHL50, PHLS50 1PDT, 1 Form Z (Main), 1 Form C (Aux)
Socket Type Series Mil-Qualification Use on These Relay Types
Application Info Socket to Relay Series Info    
Non-Mil-Spec Standard & Low Profile Sockets SE Series (Standard Height)    
SME Series (Low-Profile)    
Mil-Spec Standard & Low Profile Sockets SME125_MIL M12883/55 E215, EA125, ES125
SE205, SE405, SE310 Track Mount_MIL M12883/52  
SE205_MIL M12883/45 E205, ES205
SE405, SEL405_MIL M12883/44 E405, ES405
SE210, SME210, SMEL210_MIL M12883/41 E210, EA210, E215, EA215, ES210, ES215, ED1, EDS1, EDA1
SE310, SEL310_MIL M12883/46 E310, ES310
SE410, SEL410, SME410, SMEL410_MIL M12883/40 E410, EA410, EL410, ES410, ELS410, ELR410, E415, EA415, EL415, ES415, ELS415, ELR415, ED2, EDA2, EDL2, EDS2, EDLS2, EM12, EMS12, EMA12, REB210, REB410
SE610_MIL M12883/47 E610, EA610, ES610, E615, EA615, ES615, EM14, EMA14, EMS14, EM22, EMA22, EMS22, ED3, EDA3, EDS3
SE325, SME325_MIL M12883/48 E325, EA325, ES325
Snap-Lock Socket SLDE Series   E205, ES205, E210, EA210, ES210, E215, EA215, ES215, ED1, EDS1, EDA1, E405, ES405, 410, EA410, EL410, ELR410, ELS410, ES410, EA415, EA415, EL415, ELR415, ELS415, ES415, ED2, EDA2, EDL2, EDLS2, EDS2, EM12, EMA12, EMS12, E325, EA325, EL325, ELS325, ES325
Track Mount Socket BSE Series Overview    
BSE205   E205, ES205
BSE405   E405, ES405
BSE210, BSEL210_MIL M12883/50 E210, EA210, EL210, ELS210, ES210, E215, EA215, ELS215, ES215
BSCTD210, BSE410, BSEL410, BSCVSTD410_MIL410 M12883/51 E410, EA410, EL410, ELR410, ELS410, ES410, E415, EA415, EL415, ELR415, ELS415, ES415
BSE325   E325, EA325, ES325
Track for BSE Sockets B Series Track for BSE Series M12883/49 The ‘’B’’ Track series are compatible with DRI BSE series sockets for 2 and 4 pole 5 Amp relays conforming to MIL-PRF-12883/49.

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