For 74 years Paco Plastics & Engineering Inc. has been one of the leaders in Custom Injection Molding and Aircraft Interior Hardware for the aircraft industry. Paco has made thousands of parts for hundreds of clients for the interior and exterior of many types of aircraft. For over 55 years Paco has been a Boeing/McDonnell Douglas licensee holding proprietary and patent rights on various aircraft maintenance items such as circuit breaker lockout rings & tags, cable grommets, escutcheons, and speaker grille assemblies.

PACO's Color Coded Circuit Breaker Caps (PE7000-X)

These color coded caps can easily be installed and removed from Klixon and similar type circuit breakers. Colored caps are used to "flag" designated circuit breakers for flight check and other purposes. In addition, they greatly improve grip. Won’t shake loose and rattle like others can.

FAA-STANDARD “Maintenance Support Hardware” APPROVED

Equivalent to Boeing P/N 5D0260-X

PE7000-1             WHITE

PE7000-2             ORANGE

PE7000-3             RED

PE7000-4             BLUE

PE7000-5             YELLOW

PE7000-6             BLACK

PE7000-7             GRAY

PE7000-8             GREEN


PACO's Circuit Breaker Lock-out Rings & Tags (S4933959-XXX)

Paco Plastics is the FAA certificate holder for many Circuit Breaker Lock-out Rings and Tags. The PACO PLASTICS S4933959 series of parts are the ONLY circuit Breaker lock-out devices which are FAA-PMA authorized for both on-the-ground and in-flight use and the only device which can be sold with the FAA 8130-3 certificate for in-flight compliance. Selling another part as a substitute for the Paco Plastics part number S4933959 puts the consumer at risk for tens of thousands of dollars in FAA fines for using unapproved equipment while in-flight.

The PACO PLASTICS S4933959 series of parts (S-4933959-S) including the dash numbers -1, -501, -503, -505, -507, -511, -513, -515, -517, -519, -521, -523 , -525, -527, -529, -531, -533, -535 and -537 are part numbers which refer ESCLUSIVELY to the Paco-manufactured part, which is solely manufactured by PACO PLASTICS and ENGINEERING, INC. from our drawing which is licensed and approved by Boeing for use in Boeing aircraft.

Color - Natural
S4933959-1       Ring Only
S4933959-509   Ring with Hole Only
S4933959-519   Ring & Tag "Remove Before Flight"
S4933959-529   Ring & Tag "Inoperative Do Not Operate"
Color - Red
S4933959-501   Ring Only
S4933959-511   Ring with Hole Only
S4933959-521   Ring & Tag "Remove Before Flight"
S4933959-531   Ring & Tag "Inoperative Do Not Operate"
Color - Yellow
S4933959-503   Ring Only
S4933959-513   Ring with Hole Only
S4933959-523   Ring & Tag "Remove Before Flight"
S4933959-533   Ring & Tag "Inoperative Do Not Operate"
Color - Blue
S4933959-505   Ring Only
S4933959-515   Ring with Hole Only
S4933959-525   Ring & Tag "Remove Before Flight"
S4933959-535   Ring & Tag "Inoperative Do Not Operate"
Color - Black
S4933959-507   Ring Only
S4933959-517   Ring with Hole Only
S4933959-527   Ring & Tag "Remove Before Flight"
S4933959-537   Ring & Tag "Inoperative Do Not Operate"

PACO's Circuit Breaker Lockout Ring/Tag (PE7014-X)

The PE7014-Series comes in 5 colors. Green, Neon Yellow, Bright Red,Neon Orange and Neon Blue. The Sticker says "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" or "INOP DO NOT OPERATE". Custom stickers are available.

See drawing for part number breakdown.


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