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Who is Safran Power USA?

Products and Systems from Safran Power USA plant located in Sarasota, Florida, function to control, switch and distribute electrical power in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft and off-highway vehicle markets. Most products and systems have to perform in very harsh environments and require an extremely high degree of performance reliability. Engineered interfaces including relays, toggle and rocker switches, miniature switches, limit switches, push-button switches, remote control circuit breakers and power and load management systems.

The acquisition of Mechanical Products Inc. aerospace product lines of Jackson, Michigan several years ago adds both thermal and magnetic actuated electro-mechanical manual circuit breakers and a family of remote control circuit breakers.

Performance Rated Relays and Remote Control Circuit Breakers

Hermetically and environmentally sealed power relays meet exacting MIL-R-6106 requirements for high-humidity, high-impact and high temperature conditions. Safran Power USA Sarasota plant has been a leader in environmentally sealed products. Safran Power USA offers a wide range of Mil-Spec qualified relays and application specific devices. Check our inventory search for your unique requirement.

Performance Rated Switches

Each switch design is optimized for your particular application by using the appropriate switch mechanism. Options include contact-less, extended-life, snap-action, tapered, and limit switch versions. Performance ranges from logic level to high power applications. Safran Power USA Sarasota plant offers the full line of switch products; toggles, pushbuttons, rockers, snap action, sealed limit and all the associated switch guards and shields. Our inventory covers them all.

Thermal Circuit Breakers

Safran Power USA Electric Distribution and Controls produces a diverse line of performance rated "power and load management products" serving stringent applications in the aerospace and commercial markets. The acquisition of mechanical products adds a complete product offering of thermal breakers, from the extensive Boeing qualifications to the broad array of Mil-Spec approvals, Safran Power USA offers the complete solution.

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As already demonstrated on the latest major aerospace programs (A350, B787, C919), Safran offers dedicated capabilities and reactivity for the design, integration and certification of complete electrical systems.
Flame Enterprises is the key supply chain partner providing a continuous uninterrupted supply of product to support production needs.
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SM15 NPI Series

Click on any link below to open a PDF information sheet, PDF drawing or product image. These documents are for reference only. To request the latest document revision or to request other documentation, please contact Sales

Series Description / Mil-Specification Additional Info
Toggle Switches
8510-8512 Industrial Sealed Toggle Switches  
8520-8528 Industrial Sealed Toggle Switches (UL/CSA)  
8566-8568 Industrial Sealed Designer-line Toggle Switches  
8530-8532 Industrial Econoline Sealed Toggle Switches  
8536-8538 Econoswitch Sealed Lever-lock Toggle Switches  
8533-8535 Econoswitch Sealed Designer-line Toggle Switches  
8500-8502 Mil-S-3950 Toggle Switches
MS24523, MS24524, MS24525, MS27406, MS27407
8503-8505 Mil-S-3950 Lever-lock Toggle Switches
MS24658, MS24659, MS24660
8570-8572 Mil-S-3950 IWTS Toggles Switches
MS27722, MS27723, MS27724, MS27784, MS27785, MS27786
8573-8575 Mil-S-3950 IWTS Lever-lock Toggle Switches
MS27781, MS27782, MS27783
A-3 Mil-S-8805 Multi Circuit Switches
8836-8845 Mil-S-8834 Sealed Positive Action Toggle Switches
MS25306, MS25307, MS25308, MS14001, MS14002, MS14003
8836KP-8838KP Flush Mount Sealed Positive Action Toggle Switches  
8866-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Solder)
MS24655, MS24656, MS21353, MS90310, MS90311
8866-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (PCB)
MS21354, MS21355, MS21356, MS21357, MS21433, MS21434
8855-8856 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Lever-lock/Solder)
MS21026, MS21027, MS21436, MS21437
8855-8869 Mil-S-8834 Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches (Lever-lock/IWTS)
MS21346, MS21347, MS24655, MS24656
8854 4 Pole Miniature Positive Action Toggle Switches  
8879 4 Pole Miniature Positive Action Lever-lock Toggle Switches  
T - TW Miniature Integral Toggle Switches
8780-8792 High Capacity Flush Mount Toggle Switches
*** Toggle Switch Nominal Ratings and Circuit Diagrams  
Pushbutton Switches
D200 Heavy Duty Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches  
H2200 Double Pole Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches  
J300 Alternate Action Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches  
C20050 Momentary Snap Action Pushbutton Switches,
J4004 Alternate Action Pushbutton Switches  
J100 Alternate Action High Current Pushbutton Switches  
W300 Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches  
W9000 Swivel Action Pushbutton Switches  
W9600 Wide Button Moisture Proof Pushbutton Switches  
C100-W100-WC150 Uniform Panel Appearance Pushbutton Switches  
B9001-B9022 Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches
B7070 Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches
A20000,J20000 Momentary & Alt. Action Snap Action Illuminated Pushbutton Switches
8895-8899 Hand Controls with Pushbuttons (Grips)
NAF1173, NAF1174
8870-8809 Special Designed Pushbutton Switches
Rocker Switches
8551-8553 Econoswitch Sealed Rocker Switches, with Removable Button  
8554-8556 Econoswitch Sealed Rocker Switches  
8540-8542 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches  
8543-8545 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches, with Removable Button  
8546-8548 Environmentally Sealed Rocker Switches  
*** Rocker Switches Circuit Arrangements  
Precision Snap Action Switches
D,E,G,K,S Basic Switches, Precision Snap Action Switches
MS25085, MS25342, MS25343, MS25244, MS25348, MS25349, MS25353, MS25356, MS25357
A2-5,A5-18 Basic Switches, Precision Snap Action, Roller and Leaf Actuator  
Sealed Limit Switches
H11 Environmentally Sealed Limit Switches
MS21321, MS24331, MS27240
HH Hermetically Sealed Limit Switches  
Switch Guards and Shields
8492K-8499L Switch Guards, Mil-G-7703
MS24417, MS25214, MS25221, MS25223, MS25224, MS25225, MS25452, MS27752, NAF47851-1
73 Pushbutton Shields  
*** Switch Guard Application Table  
  Accessories and Mounting Hardware  
*** Protective Seals  
*** Adapter Nut and Attachable Tips  
*** Mounting and Terminal Hardware  
Rating, Cross Reference and Engineering Data
Glossary of Terms

About the Company

Flame Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1969 on the simple philosophy of creating a ready inventory of Electro-Mechanical items for Military and Aerospace customers who were burdened by the long factory lead times inherent in these products. 

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